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Be A Volunteer We need you.

volunteerWhen it comes to volunteering, we have one guiding principle:

Qualified volunteers have an insightful, meaningful and enriching experience if they are productive and add real value to the Sun Shade Foundation and its clients.

Or more frankly: You don’t want to waste your time and we want to make sure you won’t.

This principle requires us to carefully evaluate each candidate and assignment. We want to be able to assign tasks to you that suit your background and skills. After reviewing your application, we will approach you to discuss your potential involvement. If the discussion with you reveals that we are not able to offer you tasks that match your qualifications, we will reject your application. We call this approach “qualified volunteering”.

Who Can Apply?

As long as you think that you have something to offer that benefits either the Sun Shade Foundation or our clients, we are excited to hear from you.

The work of the Sun Shade Foundation is focused on improving and growing the businesses of entrepreneurial women. Therefore, we can make the most of volunteers who have a background in business-related fields. Volunteers with a business background are preferably given a project in the following areas: Project Management, Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Investors Management, Fundraising, Risk Management, and Research.

However, we engage with our clients and support them beyond their businesses. Therefore, we encourage applications from qualified individuals with any background. We have many interesting projects on our mind that could improve our foundation and the lives of our clients, but for most of them we are lacking the human resources and/or know-how. Thus, if you have skills and expertise in any field that you think might be beneficial, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A few examples of potential areas are Technology, Healthcare, Education, Working with children, Protection of the Environment, and Life coaching.

How To Apply?

Please send us your CV, cover letter and any other material that could be useful for us including a completed application form to info@mysunshade.org

In your cover letter, please comment at least on the following key aspects:

  • Your skills and how you would add value to the Sun Shade Foundation
  • Your motivation and goals
  • The approximate length and dates of your stay