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Social and financial undertaking



  1. We have endorsed the SMART Campaign on the Client Protection Principles (CPP) and commit to progressively implement the principles and be adequately compliant by end of the year 2020, using the CPP module of the Universal Standards of Social Performance Management’s (USSPM) SPI4;
  2. We commit to Annually Reporting of Social Performance Indicators (SPI) to social data collection platforms;
  3. As an Organizational Member of the Social Performance Management Taskforce (SPTF), we are committed to developing a Social Performance Management (SPM) system to implement social and environmental activities and monitor their activities in line with the USSPM;
  4. We are committed to obtaining a social rating or other external SPM assessment by the end of year ending 2020;
  5. We are committed to managing social outcomes of our clients in support of Responsible Financial Inclusion (RIF).


We commit and work towards the achievement of the following

  1. Capital Adequacy ratio = > 12%
  2. Debt/Equity ratio = < 5/1
  3. ROA = > 3%
  4. PAR 30 + Impaired / Restructured loans = < 2.5%
  5. Write off Ratio = < 0.5%
  6. Operational Self Sufficiency = > 105%