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Our Mission, Vision, Objectives & Values….

Our Vision

Appropriate, Timely, Sustainable Microfinance for the Marginalized Economically Active Poor.


Our Mission

To empower the Economically Marginalized Productive Poor (particularly women) in the rural, urban and peri-urban communities in Ghana through the provision of appropriate, timely, responsible and sustainable Microfinance.


Our highly skilled and motivated staffs employ cutting edge technology and current development concepts to deliver our services responsibly while ensuring client protection. We ensure the very needy in our operational areas are catered for, with support from stakeholders.


Our mission is imbedded and manifested through the following:

To provide donors and philanthropists with a unique platform to reach the productive active but forgotten poor becoming the organization of choice for donor groups, individuals and agencies;The Organization’s principal objectives include the following:Objectives

  • To serve as an ongoing basic financial and social resource Centre for the productive poor who are not catered for by the other financial institutions for lack of monetary or material collateral or lack of business experience;
  • To provide prompt short-term financial and advisory services/training to clients in a highly cohesive group;
  • To be the employer of choice for the most talented job seeker.


Our Core Values

SSF is committed to the holistic development of the productive poor;

We treat our clients with respect and honesty;

We support innovations;

We value partnerships;

We are trustworthy;

We value people;