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FAQ Page

When was Sun Shade Foundation founded and by whom?

Sun Shade Foundation was founded in Kumasi, Ghana in 2011 as an organisation limited by guarantee under the laws of Ghana. It is a Department of Social Welfare recognized institution. It was founded by Isaac Kwasi Akohene-Asiedu with support from Barffour Osei-Wusu. He identified a lack of financial resources for the poorest of the poor especially women. He saw that the bulk of resources/funds that are normally meant for the upliftment of the poor usually end up in the hands of the rich. This he saw as a barrier to women empowerment, rights and societal status. He then decided to establish this Foundation to cater for the interest of the very poor especially women in Ghana.

What is your mission?

Broadly, our mission is to reduce poverty, discrimination, social injustice and enhance empowerment among the marginalized and the vulnerable especially women by providing social, financial support and business advisory services.

Is Sun Shade Foundation the only foundation of this type?

Arguably, we are the only foundation in Ghana especially Kumasi that carefully and strategically screen its clients to include the economic active underserved poor and with much attention to the economic active widows.

Why are you focused on especially women?

Empowering women by way of our model is a very powerful remedy to the world’s challenges on war, diseases and poverty since women and their children are the most vulnerable in such instances. Uplifting and supporting women does not usually end with them but has a positive multiple effects on immediate and extended families. Women are also highly known to spend most their income on improving the welfare of their families. It is believed that hardly will a woman leave hungry and sick children unattended to, whilst she sits somewhere unconcerned attending to selfishly personal matters. The welfare of the family has always been the priority of majority of women especially the economically active poor.

How much of your income goes to grants & programs?

78 percent of the money we raise each year goes to grants and program services. That includes funds that we put directly into the hands of women’s groups abroad. It also includes costs for translations of proposals (to ensure that all applicants get a fair shake), travel to underserved regions to learn about emerging groups and the salaries of program staff who review more than 3,000 proposals per year, conduct thorough grant reviews and make recommendations. We invest in due diligence to ensure that your donor dollars are well spent.

Can I designate my donation to a specific Women Groups?

Yes, you can restrict a donation for an interest group of your choice, such as women artisans, women selling on table tops, women hawkers, women ‘kayaye’ or head pan goods carriers, economic active widows, etc. We will ensure that your donation goes to women groups you so wish to designate.

Do you pay your Board of Directors?

No, they volunteer their time, as do the Executive Director since the institution is a one limited by guarantee. Board members are reimbursed with cost incurred in delivering services on behalf of the Foundation.

Why should I give when you can also get money from big foundations?

We couldn’t do this work without individual contributions like yours. Donations from individuals account for a great part of our annual financial resources. We believe that real philanthropy means each and every one can make a difference.

How Safe and Accountable will be my donation?

We are proud to have a very comprehensive management security software that tracks all our activities. We also have a recognized Auditors’ or Auditing firm that verifies our accounts for the attention of recognized and interested governmental and non-governmental organizations. Our audited quarterly reports are also made available to our supporters/donors. We value transparency and publishes our annual reports online.

I don't have money to give. What else can I do to help?

You can get involved by referring us to your friends and family and anyone who has the passion to reduce poverty among the economically active poorest of the poor.

How do Your Clients find you?

Clients find us through word-of-mouth, the Air waves and outreach by staff members.

Do your Clients Provide Collateral, Susu/Deposits before accessing Support?

No, our clients are the poorest of the poor. They do not have collateral or the little that they make as income is not enough to get them one square meal let alone to provide Susu/deposits before accessing financial support. However, after the first financial support is granted, they are encouraged and trained to develop the habit of savings to demonstrate their ability to save and improve their lives as a catalyst for the second and subsequent facilities. Besides our clients are made to form groups of three to check and encourage each other to work hard to improve their lives.

How do you monitor the Financial Support/Micro Loans you give?

Our highly trained officers follow up and review the progress of our clients. They also help them with the collection of their weekly repayments by going to their business locations. We also take advantage of these opportunities to visit and see firsthand how groups are doing. Bi-weekly meetings are held to review all the activities of our clients.

How do I find you?

Our Office Location: We are located at Ash-Town, Kumasi-Ghana, precisely on the Ash-Town High Street, at Bio Plaza Building, O.I 128, Ash-Town, Near Mr. Six Photo Studios and adjacent to Garden City House. You can also call us on +233 26 347 3170, +233 3220 26 397

How much can I donate for this noble Course?

Any amount is well appreciated. However, this is what donations such as yours can do and continue to do:

Your contributions can and continue to go a long way to support our cherished clients. Our clients are only interested primarily for a support of up to GH¢1,000.00 ($250.00) with repayment on weekly basis.
Your contribution of GH¢3,000.00 ($750.00) for example can serve as many as 3 clients in a group, to get themselves out of extreme poverty per our model.
A contribution of GH¢10,000.00 ($2,500.00) for example can serve up to 10 first-time clients to improve their confidence and to reduce poverty among their households.
Again, a contribution of GH¢30,000.00 ($7,500.00) can also go a long way to support as many as 33 first time clients especially women to reduce poverty, feed family and take children to school.
Moreover, a contribution of GH¢100,000.00 ($25,000.00) can serve the working capital needs of an entire community who are able and willing to get themselves out of poverty in order to enjoy one square meal a day.