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A visit by an advisory board member

Miss Chasity Love, an Advisory Board Member of Sun Shade Foundation (SSF), completed a week long field trip to visit SSF’s cherished clients in March, 2013. This was her first visit to Africa, and the field work afforded her a firsthand knowledge of the Foundation’s projects. The women in the loan program are continuing to expand their businesses, improve their families’ living standards and have a positive change in attitude towards making little savings of their own, she observed. 

Miss Love was happy that, the Foundation has been able to continue adding new loans so that these impoverished women can have an opportunity to expand their businesses and support their families. These efforts thrilled her to personally make an instant cash donation of $400.00 towards the Foundation’s projects and gave the Foundation her full endorsement.  She believed that she had been humbled by what she saw on the progress and how donations of any kind can make such a huge impact on the lives of vulnerable women in Ghana.

Chasity Love is the Founder of Love your Neighborhood Tutoring and Mentoring Program in Lafayette, in (USA). Being a woman and growing up in poverty bound and crime-driven community has given her personal insights on the struggles and setbacks of being marginalized and economically poor. This has driven her complete upmost interest in the guidance, assistance, productivity, empowerment, mentoring and support for people living in poverty conditions especially poor women and children.

As with most of you, she also shares in the Foundation’s objectives of seeking to empower women who are held up in poverty and are making the most of the opportunities you make possible, living their dream of having a different and better life.

Because you donated to Sun Shade Foundation through Global Giving, we continue to help the most vulnerable especially women economically through micro-loans, continuous training, clothing assistances so that they can in return help others and feed their children. Our beneficiaries continue to prove that with continuous tailor-made training and monitoring, they are able to work and pay back their loans, so that others too can benefit.

Together we are making a difference in so many people’s lives.  Thanks to you!