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A Report on Women Entrepreneurial Empowerment in Ghana [Thank you to Our Donors].

On behalf of the Sun Shade Foundation, we will like to express our sincere gratitude to you all for helping us maintain a permanent spot on Global Giving Platform by raising a net of $4,965.45 as of May, 2013 to support 33 hard-working poor women [initial loan of GH¢300.00 ($151.00 each) ] to start and grow their own businesses. Throughout the final day of the challenge, people were excited calling us, looking to beat the deadline. However, our Total Funding Goal of $56,400 needs to be achieved. Your continual donations to this course are gladly appreciated.

Sun Shade Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that at least every poor family in Ghana has a means of survival. It is our joy to see women in business to support their families. Our financial support is aimed at every poor family willing to start, expand and grow a business.

“As more cash and assets get into the hands of women, more of these earnings get into the mouths, medicine, and schoolbooks of their children, while at the same time increasing women’s bargaining position and power in the family and community; and their ability to act against violence in the home and in the world. There is no development strategy more beneficial to society as a whole – women and men alike – than the one which involves women as central players.” – Kofi Annan, Former Secretary – General of the United Nations.

We know that every dollar we receive from you through Global Giving to Support Women Entrepreneurship empowerment reduces poverty because our cutting-edge programs and resources are helping hundreds of people (mostly women and children) improve their lives in our community each year.

Thanks to you, we are making real change.